Entrepreneur Burnout

The first and often most difficult step to avoiding and overcoming burnout is identifying it. Many entrepreneurs don’t even realize they do this until the point of burnout is reached and their brains start to become filled with doubt and defeat.  This can be tricky because it doesn’t always look like you might think.

 1. Running on empty

2. Anxiety and panic attacks

3. Feeling overwhelmed

How to overcome business burnout

Massage and reflexology: You really can’t get too many of these when you are in burnout mode. Your nervous system is frazzled and massage can help to calm it. That’s why I do this once a week if I can.

Sleep: Even a short nap can revitalize you and  give you enough energy to finish the day strong.our mind and body need sleep more than you think.

Eat Well: A great way to proactive  self-care. You deserve it and your body will thank you. I love having a satisfying meal to reward my body when I’m feeling  stressed.

Breathe: You literally cannot feel stress when you are taking deep breaths. It’s  true! When we are frazzled your brain goes into panic mode. Taking deep breaths  helps you calm down feel safe.

These are just a few of the fundamental things you can do to overcome burnout, and you will probably find your own methods for restoring your motivation and energy. The way to avoid burnout altogether is to keep these strategies in your regular routine of self-care maintenance so your work is more productive and sustainable.

 One of the leading causes of burnout in entrepreneurs is too much work falling on their shoulders. As an entrepreneur, it’s extremely important to be aware that you are at risk of burnout even if you have a full team of high-performing employees supporting you and driving your vision forward. Entrepreneurs running already-successful businesses are just as susceptible to burnout as new entrepreneurs.

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